This section includes several forms and documents that can help CES students in their educational journey. The various forms that will be used throughout a student's learning career are located here, and there are also several samples of specific sections of research papers. These samples are intended to show layout and formatting; they have not been corrected for other issues such as grammar, style, voice, etc. As such, a student or mentor should reference these samples for the specific formatting topic indicated as each one is not a complete example of the full academic writing standards of CES. The Writing Protocols class (required for most degree programs) remains the final word on academic standards.
Documents & Forms
Key Documents
CES Catalog
CES Student Handbook
Refund Policy

Sample Learning Contract
Sample Syllabi
Sample Term Paper Title Page
Sample Research Paper Title Page
Sample Declaration of Authenticity
Sample Bibliography and Footnotes
Sample Portfolio
Sample of Academic-Style Paper
Sample of Free-Style Paper
Sample of How to Cite the Bible

Writing Protocols
WP Syllabus
Vocabulary of Grammatical Terms
WP Lecture #1 Class Materials
WP Lecture #2 Class Materials
WP Lecture #3 Class Materials
WP Lecture #4 Class Materials
WP Lecture #5 Class Materials

Admissions Application (MS Word)
Admissions Application (PDF)
Transcript Request Form
Mentor Application Form