Missions & Evangelism

Course Descriptions

Courses are listed and briefly described below.

Please understand that it is impossible to list all of the various texts that might be used in these courses

Therefore, we have not attempted to list the required texts per each course. These are simply some suggested texts for the courses in question. In nearly all cases, there will be other texts also required. These other texts will be determined between the professor and the student.

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Also, sometimes a text is listed for more than one course—this, however, does not mean that one can simply read a single text for several courses. If a student has read a particular text for a class, he/she cannot use that same text again for another course.

Next, some of the suggested texts may no longer be in print. If this is the case, the students and their mentors will simply select other, newer texts dealing with the same topic.

It is important to make clear that though we offer studies in a variety of theological and philosophical perspectives, CES does not necessarily endorse all of the positions listed in the course descriptions. However, rather than simply telling students what to think, it is our belief that an institution of education should allow an open atmosphere of learning, and that includes reading, studying, and critiquing various perspectives within Christianity. We believe that students deserve the right to read, critique, and decide for themselves which perspectives they believe to be correct. To this end, some courses are set up to see both sides of a debate: for example see courses TH-603/803 Eschatology, TH-206/406 Sanctification, and TH-615/815 Perpetuity of Spiritual Gifts.

(Number Name Hours Description)

MS-300/500 Missions 4SH An examination of the history of missions. The biographical approach is taken in this study. Discuses both modern and historical key issues in missions.

MS-301/501 Cultural Confrontations 4SH This course presents a case study of Christianity's impact on world culture. It discusses and defines the impact of the Gospel, ethics, and lifestyle. (Christianity Confronts Culture, by Marvin K. Mayers, more texts to be determined)

MS-302/502 Cultural Anthropology and Missions 4SH This study explores such topics as anthropology and missions, man, culture, and anthropology and the Bible.

MS-303/503 Missionaries I 4SH This study takes a look at one particular missionary. The student and mentor select the missionary to study.

MS-304/504 Cross-Cultural Communications 4SH An introduction to missionary communication.

MS-305/505 Women in Missions 4SH This study looks at women in missions. (Guardians of the Great Commission, by Ruth Tucker, more texts to be determined)

MS-306/506 Trends in Missions 4SH This study gives an evangelical perspective on some of the trends and issues that confront missions.

MS-307/507 Evangelism 4SH A study that discusses evangelism as more than a set of programs and rules. It is proposed that effective evangelism flows from an effective lifestyle.

MS-309/509 Missions Theology 4SH This is a study of the theology of missions. Subjects such as the inadequacy of non-Christian religions, the Holy Spirit in missions, and more are discussed.

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