"The Terminator"

Here's a few more pictures I like . . .

Ric is not bald, just shaved (Oct, 2008)

Ric's Favorites
(more than you'd ever want to know about me)

Some of my Favorite . . .

Activities: Dining out with my wife and friends.

Artist: Cale Burr (I consider it an honor to be his friend, http://www.caleburr.com).

Book: The Bible (no surprise) It has in it the words of life, set in the most fantastic story ever told.

Subjects I like to read about: Apologetics, Grammar, Philosophy, & Theology.

Childhood Memories: Coming home from school and finding that my mother had just baked fresh, homemade apple pies.

Day of Week: Fridays because I look forward to spending the weekends with my wife, Sue.

Desserts: Mud pie, cheese cake, and ice cream.

Disciple: Thomas (I can identify).

Drinks Coffee: Starbucks, almost any blend.

Drinks Specialty: Starbucks' Grandé Cinnamon Mocha (all heavy whipping cream, 190 to 200 degrees).

Drinks Soda: Diet Coke.

Fictional Characters: Yosemite Sam, love his voice.

Foods: fantastic pizza, barbecued baby-back ribs, medium-rare ribeye steak, and barbecued salmon (yes, all in the same meal; oh, yeah, toss in a small green salad).

Fruits: Blueberries, cherries.

Guilty Indulgence: Ice cream and ice cream. Oh, yeah, and ice cream.

Household Appliance: Inside = TV; Outside = gas grill.

Interests & Hobbies: Theology, making my wife laugh, and being a "professional student."

Movie: Number one is Casablanca (best watched with someone you love while eating Chinese food--http://www.reelclassics.com/Movies/Casablanca/casablanca.htm). Next in line is Total Recall, with Arnold Schwarzenegger. I know, one could not be further away from the other (http://www.sciflicks.com/total_recall).

Movie Genre: Science fiction, and comedy.

Music: Instrumental Smooth & Contemporary Jazz (I don't know how long this link will be active, but this page has samples of the music style; some of these I like and some I don't: http://www.kifm.com/).

Part of Day: Weekdays, evenings. Weekends, mornings.

Part of Job: Teaching/mentoring.

People Most Admired: Those who sacrifice for others.

People Most Disliked: Those who misrepresent others, manipulate others, and cheat others for their own benefit.

People of History: Albert Einstein (Jesus comes to mind, but he's not limited to history).

Photo from childhood of self: (The second one from the top on this page) I was 2 years old, walking outside on a cold day; I've titled that picture "The Terminator." And, I like my first grade picture (it all went downhill from there).

Photo of wife and me: Aboard a cruise ship and one at Starbucks.

Photo of adult self: A posed picture of me sitting at my desk in front of my computer (see top of page) and the one of me with a shaved head (see bottom of the page).

Photo of Sue: Taken in Mexico. She's wearing a sombrero. And, one where she's behind a palm tree .

Public Speakers: Norman Geisler and D. A. Carson and Ravi Zacharias.

Quote: "Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds." —Albert Einstein (There are so many of good ones, but this one ranks right at the top.

Personal Quote: You mean, have I ever come up with my own Favorite quotes? OK, here are a few of mine that I like (and others have told me they like them too):

"He who has all the answers, hasn't heard all the questions."—Rick Walston

"It seems that with most of these guys one straw is all they need to build a man."—Rick Walston

"Here’s a quick lesson in logic and argumentation: stick to the facts, don’t make Ad Hominem attacks, and leave the red herrings for snacks."—Rick Walston

"Christianity offers a universal invitation to an exclusive faith."—Rick Walston

Restaurants: Papa Pete's Pizza, and Bruno's Pizza (both in Longview, WA), Outback Steakhouse, Ruby Tuesday, C. I. Shenanigans (in Tacoma) Coho Café (in Issaquah, WA).

School Subjects: Theology, psychology, philosophy, and English grammar.

Sounds: Ocean waves, crickets at night, a cheerful Sue.

Smells: Fresh brewed coffee, apple pie, cinnamon rolls, pumpkin, the forest.

Sports to watch: Pro Football. Boxing rates up there with football. Did a little of it in my early days; now I'm too old. So, just sitting on the couch watching the pugilists makes me tired.

Sports to do: Billiards, aka pool (Eight-Ball).

Stories: Hard to believe, real-life stories.

Teacher: Prof. Ron Whalrobe (passed away years ago, plane crash . . . his fellow passengers later reported that when the plane was going down, he was praying for God's protection upon those in the plane. As I understand it, he was the only person to die in the crash).

Season: Fall.

Holidays: Halloween. Wait!  Please let me explain why this is one of my favorite holidays.  My wife and I got married on October 29, 1988, and then we went on our honeymoon. Each year thereafter, we take our vacation together to celebrate our marriage. So, it just happens that Halloween falls on the week that we are together each year on vacation. So really, "the holiday" is our wedding Anniversary, and it just so happens to be at the same time as Halloween. And, Christmas is a fav.

Traits of Self: Individualism, critically minded, friendly.

Traits of Sue: Work ethic, her commitment to people, purity of heart.

TV Shows: Northern Exposure (the fictional town of Cicely, AK, is really Roslyn, WA, about 90 minutes from my home -- http://www.moosefest.org), and Seinfeld.

Vacation Spot: Cannon Beach, OR. (Where you can find me if I ever become rich -- http://www.cannon-beach.net, also see the picture on this page, just below Sue behind a palm tree . . . I took it at Cannon Beach in 2003).

Web Site: http://www.columbiaseminary.edu/

Year: 1988 (the year I married my wife and realized that God gives good gifts to undeserving sinners).

The Whats . . .

What . . .

Achievements are you most proud of? A delightfully happy marriage (more due to a fantastic wife than to me), discipling believers in Christ, and Columbia Evangelical Seminary.

Are you most attracted to about people? Those that are particularly skillful or talented at something. Visionaries with perseverance. Eccentricity, wit, charisma, kindness, helpful, commitment, intelligence, positive attitude, and enthusiasm.

Are your dreams & goals? To serve God through the mediums of teaching and writing and to do so as a resident of Cannon Beach, OR.

Are some of your honors or awards? Various academic degrees. Listed in Marquis Who's Who in the West, 23rd Edition. Listed in Outstanding Young Men of America®, 1987. Listed in the Dictionary of International Biography, Cambridge, England, (1994)
And a song written about me by Cale Burr.

Are you most thankful for? Jesus and my wife.

Are you least likely to do in life? Become a politician.

Are your pet peeves? TV preachers who talk more about money than about Jesus Christ. Bad drivers: tailgaters specifically; people who lie; injustice; Hypocrites—Look, I know that no one is perfect; Lord knows I’m not. But when people do one thing yet preach another, they lose my respect immediately. Why not just be honest and admit our shortcomings instead of pretending that we have it all together and demanding that others have it all together too? So, why demand from others what you yourself cannot do (or have not done)? Peter made a great statement about this very issue when he said, “Now then, why do you try to test God by putting on the necks of the disciples a yoke that neither we nor our fathers have been able to bear?” (emphasis mine, Acts 15:10, NIV); people who give a halfhearted effort; and, finally, actors who believe that we should care what they think.

Do you day dream most about doing or being? Doing . . . retired and living in a nice house that has a big den (writing room) with enormous windows that overlook the ocean at Cannon Beach.

Do you see yourself doing in 10 years? Continuing to do what I do now.

Do you want to be remembered for? For my contribution to the kingdom of God here on earth, and being a nice guy who helped people grow in the Lord.

Do you wish you were better at? Social interaction, remembering people's names, and remembering what my wife told me we're doing later this week.

Are the best decisions you've made? Accepting Christ as my Savior, 1975. Marrying my wife, 1988.

Is your calling or purpose in life? To mentor Christians into a deeper faith in Christ, to lead others to Christ, and to make my wife laugh.

Is your philosophy of life? Pursue truth, be reasonable and kind, strive to be exceptional at what I do, look for opportunities to laugh, ignore mean-spirited people, choose quality friends, and enjoy life.

Is your political persuasion? Social Conservative.

Is your most embarrassing moment? Yeah, like I'm going to tell you.

Is the craziest thing you've done? Against the advice of friends and family, I sold everything I owned (house, cars, and more), tossed some clothes into my car (the one I kept) and drove 2,000 miles to go to college (I did this twice).

Makes you happy? Being anywhere with my wife and especially at Cannon Beach. Writing a book. Researching a topic of theology or philosophy. Being with good friends. Discovering truth (especially in the Scriptures), living harmoniously with those around me. And, last but certainly not least, leading someone to Christ.

Makes you reach your "zen" or "zone?" When I am teaching a class of interested and engaged students, I get in my "zone." Also, sometimes when I am researching and writing on a topic, I can work for hours and hours and not realize that the time has passed.

Subjects do you most like to talk about? Most anything having to do with our journey as Christians. I particularly like having spirited conversations about theology or philosophy with someone who can discuss these things rationally and clearly without being a MALO (see “Mastering the Art of a Loud Opinion”) and without becoming overly emotional.

Would you most like to see changed about the world? I'd like people to treat each other better, and for people to learn how to drive better. Of course, I'd like to see all people come to know Christ as their Savior.

If You Could . . .

Ask God one question? I think I'd ask Him to answer the question in my heart that my mind hasn't been able to formulate. Since He knows my heart better than I do, He knows the question I want to ask even if my mind does not know.

Change physical characteristics of self? I'd keep my mind as it is but place it into my body when I was 30 years old. Then I'd have the energy and ability to do all the things I would like to do.

Do something over again? Yeah, if I could, I would marry my wife many years before I did.

Have any job? Doing the same sort of things I do now, but while living in Cannon Beach, and making a better salary. Hey, I'm only human.

Have qualities of other people? I would like to have the intelligence, verbal skills, and philosophical knowledge of Norman Geisler, D. A. Carson, and Ravi Zacharias, and my wife's ability to make life better by hard work.

Live anywhere? I believe I've mentioned this before, but just in case I haven't, Cannon Beach, OR. It is a little beach front town on the Oregon coast. See the beach photo in the left-hand column, or click here: http://www.cannon-beach.net.

Live at another time? I'd like my entire life to be caught in a time-loop where everything stays in the late 1940's to the mid- to late-1950's. Life was better then. There is a diner in Issaquah, WA., where my wife and I go to get the "feel" of the period: http://issaquahhistory.org/sites/xxxdrivein.htm

Meet someone from history? My grandfathers of past generations. We have traced our direct family tree to about 1260. I'd like to meet every grandfather in his own setting of time. (See the Walston Coat of Arms in the left-hand column.)

Meet someone living today? That's a tough one . . . so many come to mind.

Pick a super power to have? To be able to heal people with physical, emotional, and spiritual ills.

Visit anywhere in world? My ancestors' homelands . . . England, Norway, France, and Germany.

Understand one thing thoroughly? I'd like to say God but philosophically I understand that only God can understand God. So, I'll say my wife.

Personal . . .

Born: September 3, 1954, one of six children
Born Again: April 6, 1975, One of millions and millions of children
Married: to Sue, October 29, 1988

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