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CES Educational Philosophy

Established in April 1991, Columbia Evangelical Seminary's purpose is to provide enriching biblical, ministerial, and theological training and education. Many people, in all age groups, desire to earn college degrees but are hindered because they are fully engaged in ministry or some other occupation.

Columbia has been established to reach this segment of adult learners, those who cannot afford to leave their job to live on a college campus for several years. Therefore, the curriculum has been designed for self-paced learning by Mentorship Study.

All course work may be accomplished entirely by Mentorship Study and through the extension mode. Thus, there are no residency requirements whatsoever.

Mentorship Study allows students to determine what area and aspect of Christian studies they desire to engage in. Students may be as specific or as broad in their majors as they desire.

They may choose to do studies in one solitary major, such as apologetics, or biblical studies, or missions, or the postmodern or emergent church, or philosophy, or theology.

Or, they may choose to do interdisciplinary studies in which they combine several disciplines together.

Also, students may create an entirely new curriculum that best fits their own specific interests and ministry goals.

Thus, the curriculum may be as varied or as specific as the student desires because the student virtually designs his or her own curriculum.

However, for those who prefer to have a more structured curriculum designed by the school, that will be provided. Whatever choices students make concerning the curriculum best suited for them, the school will provide mentors who will help students with the original design of the curriculum.