Student Research Projects
A short sample list of CES student's culminating research projects (thesis or dissertation). Please contact CES if you are a former student and would like your culminating research added to the list.
"Significance of John Chapter 17 in the Light of Mission Purpose," by Kim Young

"Paradoxology: Exploring The Relationship Between New Testament Paradoxes And Doxology," by Patrick Bennett

"Christian Spiritual Transformation: God's Calling and Provision and the Human Reponse. A Schema for Spiritual Life," by Darryl Wooldridge

"The Arguments and Repercussions of the Gospel-Origins Debate. An Evaluation of the Prominent Theories for Gospel Origins and Their Impact on the Christian's Life," by Tyson Bryant

"Issues in Christology," by W. Berry Norwood

"The Eucharist in a 16th Century Context. A Study of Peter Martyr's Eucharistic Argument: Historically, Methodologically, and Theologically," by Benjamin DeSpain

"Holy, Innocent, and Undefiled. Imputation and Sin Bearing in Penal Substitutionary Atonement," by Elizabeth Johnston

"Holy Spirit Leadership as Related to Southern Baptist Missions Strategies. A Biblical, Historical, and Theological Investigation of Southern Baptist Mission Practices from a Pauline Perspective," by James McQuery Jr

"A Look at the Contextual Misuse and Lack of Reasoning in the Doctrine of the Trinity in Reasoning from the Scriptures," by Brian J. Orr